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BEATnPATH can provide some services directly and has access to a network of highly skilled geeks and service providers that specialize in each discipline. Together we can determine what level of support your project demands to achieve your goals.


  • Tracking – full band tracking with amp isolation and/or direct to DAW.
  • Mixing – mix bus signal chain includes 32 channels of analog into a Burl B32 summing mixer, stereo out into an API 2500 bus compressor, into an API 5500 bus equalizer, into a Kush Audio Clariphonic out to a Burl B2 analog to digital converter.
  • Mastering – full third party mastering project management services to include file preparation, delivery and ongoing communication with mastering service. 
  • CD Packaging – graphic design and layout services for disk image and CD jacket.
  • Promotion Kit & Business Cards – graphic design, layout and printing services.
  • Website Development & Social Media  – consulting services.
  • Event Sound – production services and consulting.