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BEATnPATH is in a log home on 17 wooded acres, 65 miles from the Washington, DC beltway (overnight accommodations are available). The studio is a ‘hybrid’ digital/analog environment equipped with professional grade equipment.

  • Ability to track/record up to 32 simultaneous channels of audio.
  • For analog mojo the mix is bused down to a Burl B32, 32 channels of analog routed through a collection of high-end industry standard equalizers and compressors, the stereo output is routed through an API 2500 bus compressor, followed by an API 5500 equalizer, a Kush Audio Clariphonic out to a Burl B2 analog to digital converter.
  • Pre-amps from – API, Neve, Universal Audio, Black Lion, AEA, Grace and others.
  • Hardware compressors from – API, Neve, Universal Audio, Shadow Hills and others.
  • Hardware equalizers home – API and Kush Audio.
  • Microphones by Neumann, Mojave, Earthworks, Royer, Lauten, Shure, Beyer and others.
  • Room treatment includes a combination of absorbent and reflective products by Acoustic Science Corporation (ASC), Acoustimac, Mixmastered Acoustics and others.

Comprehensive Gear List